Facade of the seventeenth sacristy cabinet

Very nice front end of Louis XIII armoire in walnut, four square wings separated by three drawers. Definitely a sacristy cabinet although the cross there is not present, the doors of the top original carved a flaming heart, symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and those at the bottom of a vase of chrysanthemums , symbol of the Holy Spirit. These motifs carved on the panel of one board are each in garlands decorations, scrolls and swags dear to the Renaissance and show that this piece was designed early in the first half of the XVII . The sculptures of acanthus leaves facades of three drawers also attest and decor eagle feather off the cross high and amounts, closer to a deep etching as a sculpture.

Ref. : 140107

Price : 2300 €

Epoch Louis XIII – 1st half of  XVIIth century

Origin : South West of  France

Material / Condition :

Front walnut in a very good condition with a few usual restorations . The front drawers are temporarily attached to the lower front frame .

Dimensions :

Number of Items: 2

Particularities :

Religious attributes of this piece is not very characteristic , almost confidential, this unit remains a fine example of Renaissance passage Style Louis XIII .


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