Rockery centerpiece white lacquered mahogany

Louis XV rococo style , this hectic centerpiece rests on four curved legs richly carved with leaves joined by a strut topped with a jug handles . It has 2 drawers belt with carved facades. She was relaquée white and slightly weathered . As many Napoleon III furniture, it is equipped with brass castors facilitating its movement.

Ref. : 150501

Price : 1200 €

Epoch Napoléon III end of  XIXth century

Origin : France

Material/Condition :

The structure of the furniture is solid mahogany with a density allows the minute details foliage sculpture that can be seen on the drawers and cambers feet. It is in perfect condition and some wear marks on the reliefs were intended by our decorative painter .

Dimensions/Format :

L145 x l90 x H76 cm

Particularities :

This antique furniture revisited in white, symbolizing purity in the collective imagination , fully satisfied with minimalist decor trend today .


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