Set of 6 chairs Beauvais tapestry

Suite 6 high back chairs , painted and decorated with sculptures polychrome decorations . They are covered with a vintage tapestry of Beauvais.Il Manufactory is a tapestry called ” small item” , with flower patterns , which has been preserved because of its provenance despite brands important use .


Ref. : 140803 bis

Price : 1800 €

Epoch Restauration beginning of  XIXth century

Origin : Aquitaine

Material / Condition :

Bati beech. The seat and back have been refurbished at the structure. The period covered in tapestry has a stain and significant wear marks on the seats but were rested, pending possible future restoration.

Dimensions/Format :

 L50 x P45 x H112 cm

Number of elements: 6

Particularities :

It is interesting to have kept tapestry seating despite his experience , the source of the workshops of the Manufacture de Beauvais fully justifying the eyes of its previous owner . In the same estate, we offer for sale a bench bill and identically covered that accompanied this series of chairs, also with the structure upgrading.

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