Tree of life of Jean Cocteau by Paul Becker

Mosaïque de gemmes de Paul BECKER

The Tree of Life : Large mosaic with inclusion of polychrome glasses after one of two cartons of Jean Cocteau in 1963, the tree of life and Orpheus, made ​​expressly for Paul Becker. About these compositions, Jean Cocteau tells him ” you brought a chair to the epidermis of the mosaic ” ! The work is signed in the matter right and left Becker Jean Cocteau. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Paul Becker dated the previous transaction , 10.17.1993.

Ref. :100104

Price : 3500 €

Epoch late XXth

Origin workshop Milly la Forêt

Material / Condition :

Reconstituted stone , gems and colored glass . The work is in perfect condition and not damaged

Dimensions/Format :

H 0.70m X L 0.50m

Particularities :

In 1954 André Maurois already compared the works of Paul Becker in real tapestry of stones and crystals , the composition of the tree of life is the result of the techniques that the artist called the ” reflectantes gems ” .Paul Becker died at 80 November 19, 2000 year .


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